Reports: AllCare Pharmacy sold to Walgreens, Express Rx

by Roby Brock ([email protected]) 3,072 views 

A major pharmacy chain in Arkansas, AllCare Pharmacy, has sold its retail locations to Walgreens and Express Rx, according to a number of sources including the Baxter Bulletin, a Mountain Home newspaper.

Privately-held AllCare is owned by Percy Malone, a former State Senator from Arkadelphia, where the pharmacy chain is headquartered. There are 15 cities served by AllCare, according to its web site.

The Baxter Bulletin quotes Mountain Home pharmacist Danny Ponder, an AllCare pharmacist who says some of the retail pharmacies have been sold to Walgreens and Express Rx.

Walgreens is a national, publicly-traded company. Express Rx is headquartered in Little Rock and has been in growth mode in recent years. It located its regional operations in Little Rock in November 2019.

Talk Business & Politics sources have confirmed the sale, although the amount of the transaction is undisclosed. AllCare is scheduled to close at the end of business hours on Wednesday (Dec. 2). An inquiry to AllCare management is pending a response.

AllCare also has business lines affiliated with long-term care and assisted living facilities and correctional institutions.

Talk Business & Politics will update this story later today.

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