New daily COVID-19 record set in Arkansas, active cases up in all educational categories

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Arkansas set another record for daily reported known COVID-19 cases and deaths rose again by double digits. Thursday’s (Nov. 5) report from the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) showed that almost 50% of confirmed cases came from just five counties.

The ADH reported 1,548 confirmed and probable cases, with the cumulative total reaching 117,360. Confirmed and probable deaths rose by 11 to reach 2,037. Pulaski, Benton, Washington, Sebastian and Craighead counties accounted for 48.66% of the 1,048 confirmed community cases.

As he has now for months, Gov. Asa Hutchinson called on Arkansans to be careful and follow health safety guidelines.

“Today’s significant increase in new cases shows that we have the virus in all our communities. Our increase in hospitalizations breaks the recent trend of smaller numbers. The coming weeks are critical, and we must be diligent, intentional, and not be careless,” Gov. Hutchinson noted in a statement.

The ADH on Thursday updated its report on COVID cases in educational institutions. The update showed an increase in active cases in public schools, private schools and colleges and universities.

• Public schools (as of Nov. 5)
Cumulative active cases: 1,259, up from 1,078 on Oct. 29
Cumulative cases: 9,631, up from 8,509 on Oct. 29

• Private schools (as of Nov. 5)
Cumulative active cases: 66, down from 40 on Oct. 29
Cumulative cases: 540, up from 497 on Oct. 29

• Colleges and universities (as of Nov. 5)
Cumulative active cases: 429, up from 404 on Oct. 29
Cumulative cases: 6,501, up from 6,079 on Oct. 29

The Arkansas Center for Health Improvement reported Thursday that 35 Arkansas school districts have had 50 or more new known COVID-19 infections per 10,000 district residents over a 14-day period, down from 40 districts a week earlier. Nine school districts were added to the list this week, and 26 remained on the list. The infections are among community residents living within the geographical boundaries of the school districts and are not specific to school employees and students. Known infections include confirmed and probable cases.

New known COVID-19 cases, active cases, tests
• 107,292 known cumulative PCR cases, with 1,048 new community cases and 107 cases in correctional facilities
• 10,068 “probable” cases, up from 9,296 on Wednesday
• There are 8,140 active cases, up from 7,837 on Wednesday
• There were 10,450 test results provided in the previous 24 hours.
• There were 1,728 antigen tests in the previous 24 hours with 340 positives.

• 1,863, up 9
• 174 “probable” COVID-related deaths, up 2

667, up 25

103, down 8

Recovered cases

The top five counties with new known cases reported Thursday were: Pulaski (139), Benton (133), Washington (25), Sebastian (79), and Craighead (67). The counties accounted for 48.66% of the 1,048 new community cases.

As of Thursday at 4 p.m., there were 9,544,315 U.S. cases and 234,300 deaths. Globally, there were 48,461,273 cases and 1,229,758 deaths.