HealthTech Arkansas partners with European early-stage investment group

by Talk Business & Politics staff ([email protected]) 335 views 

HealthTech Arkansas and SkyBrook Venture Partners have agreed to a partnership aimed at collaboration, sharing contacts, and providing new opportunities for innovative healthcare startup companies around the world.

SkyBrook Venture Partners works to elevate awareness of investable companies from Central and Eastern Europe among U.S. investors and other global marketers. HealthTech Arkansas is an accelerator and early-stage investment fund that works to bring innovative healthcare technologies to Arkansas healthcare providers.

The two groups will evaluate any early-stage companies from the SkyBrook client portfolio that might benefit from clinical engagement with Arkansas hospitals and physician practices, as well as work to connect researchers from the SkyBrook network with Arkansas clinicians and researchers for cooperative research and development agreements.

“Partnering with SkyBrook Venture Partners will expand our ability to find new technologies that can benefit Arkansas healthcare providers, ultimately improving the level of care available in Arkansas,” said Jeff Stinson, director of HealthTech Arkansas. “Our goal is to bring people and innovative thinking to the Arkansas healthcare community that can improve our providers’ operations by improving quality of care, enhance efficiencies, reduce costs, and ultimately grow business opportunities in the state.”

“Through our collaboration with HealthTech Arkansas, we have the opportunity to introduce innovative healthcare solutions companies from around the world to providers that can help them test and grow their businesses with pilot projects or clinical trials in Arkansas,” said Kaja Kuczynska, co-founder for SkyBrook Venture Partners.

HealthTech Arkansas’s 2020 cohort was announced earlier this month and includes five early-stage companies that are headquartered across the country in California, Utah, and Pennsylvania. The program will kick off in October.