Angel network takes a statewide approach as Ark Angel Alliance

by Talk Business & Politics staff ([email protected]) 920 views 

The Central Arkansas Angel Network is expanding statewide with a new name. Now called the Ark Angel Alliance, the Conway-based investment capital group will be working with companies in all regions of Arkansas.

The group’s mission is unchanged, which is to educate individuals about how to make better investment decisions in early-stage companies and to spur economic development by aggregating investors to capitalize on early-stage companies with the ability to grow well-paying jobs in Arkansas.

“The statewide approach allows us to accelerate our impact as we grow membership,” said Grace Rains, Executive Director. “There has been angel activity happening in Arkansas for decades, but our goal is to provide a sustainable source of funding and investment opportunity. We are providing accessibility to deal flow and networking for seasoned investors and experience and education for those that are newer to investing in this asset class. And now, we’re able to take that initiative statewide”.

The alliance is inviting accredited investors to participate in evaluating investment opportunities. In addition to providing ventures with much-needed capital, Ark Angel Alliance provides investor education and networking opportunities. Investors are encouraged to leverage their expertise to help companies scale and position themselves for an exit.

“We’ve received a great response since our launch last year. Investors from across the state have shown significant interest,” said Alese Stroud, board chairwoman. “The transition to a statewide approach was the natural next step to expand the reach of our network. We see great value in creating a larger group of diverse, active angels and the benefits they will have on our portfolio, founders, and the economy in general.”

According to the Center for Venture Research, the number of angel organizations has more than tripled since 1999. There were more than 300,000 active angels across the United States in 2019. Recent estimates from the Center for Venture Research also report that angels groups provided $23.9 billion in start-up financing to nearly 63,730 ventures in 2019.

Ark Angel Alliance serves accredited investors and early startup founders. More information at