Water technology firm BlueInGreen marks 100th installation

by Jeff Della Rosa ([email protected]) 824 views 

Fayetteville-based technology company BlueInGreen has sold its 100th installation.

BlueInGreen, a clean water technology company and provider of an efficient method to dissolve oxygen, carbon dioxide and ozone into solution, has announced the municipal and industrial water treatment installations in the United States and Canada have served “countless applications” in eight industries while treating more than 1 billion combined gallons of water daily.

BlueInGreen was co-founded in 2004 by two University of Arkansas professors and VIC Technology Venture Development and has grown into an industry leader in water treatment, according to a news release. Since 2016, the company has had a cumulative annual growth rate of at least 45% and continues to expand, with 2020 expected to be another record year.

“We’re disrupting the water treatment market, and our pace is accelerating,” President and CEO Chris Milligan said. “When you look at other innovative technologies in the water treatment space, like ultraviolet (UV) disinfection, for example, it took more than 100 years for that step-change technology to reach 100 installations. BlueInGreen has reached this milestone in only a fraction of that time.

“BlueInGreen is simply at the right place at the right time with the right stuff,” he added. “We’re leading the industry-wide trend of replacing chemicals, polymers and ambient air with oxygen, carbon dioxide and ozone.”

The company serves two separate market segments, and this has contributed to its growth. It established a foothold in the U.S. municipal market in 2008, municipalities have most adopted the company’s CDOX systems and carbon dioxide for recarbonation, pH adjustment and corrosion control. And, U.S. industry has most adopted BlueInGreen’s SDOX systems and oxygen for odor control, biological treatment and nutrient removal.

“What’s interesting is that we’re starting to see each of these once very separate market segments follow and apply the insights gained from the other’s leadership,” Milligan said. “The mainstream buyers in both markets are very pragmatic and risk-averse; however, with BlueInGreen solutions having a proven track record in similar applications in adjacent markets, we’re seeing the success in one market accelerate the adoption in adjacent markets. It’s a classic ‘fast-follower’ approach… Proven innovation.”

BlueInGreen manufactures nine patented product lines for oxygenation, pH adjustment, oxidation and odor control, including the SDOX, CDOX, HyDOZ, SDOX-CS, StreamLine Series and its newest product, the Dual SDOX 600 that comes in a container.

“The market is responding to our consistent ability to increase treatment capacity and improve water quality while reducing lifecycle costs, operational risk and the physical, energy and carbon footprint of operations,” said Scott Goodson, chief financial officer. “But companies and municipalities aren’t just responding to our technology. They’re also responding to our team.”

The company’s team of designers, operations and engineers has a combined 150 years of water treatment experience, and has worked with third-party consulting engineering firms, such as Jacobs Engineering, Black & Veatch, CDM Smith, Stantec, Burns & McDonnell and Brown & Caldwell and international brands, including Georgia-Pacific, Del Monte Foods, Campbell’s and Tyson Foods.

“We’re happy to hit 100 installations,” said Billy Ammons, chief technical officer. “And we certainly owe a lot to our customers, their engineering consultants and our representative and partners for helping us achieve these phenomenal results. But with the current demand, now isn’t time to celebrate. It’s time to get to work building on this foundation for continued growth.”

BlueInGreen won the WEF Innovative Technology Award in 2010, the Global Cleantech Cluster Association Grand Prize in 2015 and was named a finalist at the 2017 China BlueTech Water Innovations Awards in Shanghai.