Walmart, Sam’s Club offer audible prescription labels for visually impaired 

by Talk Business & Politics staff ([email protected]) 953 views 

Walmart and Sam’s Club pharmacies recently announced a move to help visually impaired customers through En-Vision America’s ScriptTalk audible prescription labels which are available at nearly 1,200 pharmacies. Walmart said it is adding up to 25 pharmacies with the capability each month, with 750 pharmacies added in the past three years.

Walmart and Sam’s Club equip a pharmacy to provide ScripTalk with a patient’s request for audible prescription labels. Once a pharmacy is equipped, usually within a week to 10 days, the pharmacy provides ScripTalk labels to patients requesting them at no charge and without lengthy delays.

Customers need to get the small battery-operated device called a ScriptTalk Station which is provided at no charge, according to Walmart.

“The ScripTalk system is important to providing convenient and safe healthcare for our customers,” said JoAnn Stevens, senior director of health & wellness compliance at Walmart. “We are proud of this technology is available at Walmart and Sam’s Club locations across the nation, and we look forward to adding more locations as patients ask for this free service at their local Walmart or Sam’s Club pharmacy. This service is free and available at all U.S. locations upon request.”

The technology used in the system uses an RFID label the pharmacy places on the bottom of the bottle. A customer places the bottle on the device and the machine scans and reads the label aloud. Customers can get the drug name, dosage information, prescription number and refill information as well as warnings, educational material and pharmacy information.

Ev-Vision America developed the ScriptTalk labeling system to help thousands of consumers with serious vision deficits to take charge of their health. The company said more than 20,000 individuals are already using the ScriptTalk system.