Purkeys releases new battery charger

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Lowell-based electrical products manufacturer Purkeys recently announced the release of an auxiliary battery charger that’s expected to increase the lifespan of batteries for temperature-controlled trailers.

The SteadyCharge Accessory Battery Charger, listed for $628.95 on the company’s website, is designed to monitor and maintain an optimal charge level in accessory batteries for temperature-controlled trailers by preventing battery depletion while the trailer is not being used. It’s also expected to increase battery life spans from months to years.

The charger will save fleets thousands in downtime, maintenance and replacement costs, according to a news release. Inactive batteries naturally discharge over time, and accessory batteries can be drained while the engine that charges them is not being used. Also, telematics technology that’s built into temperature-controlled units can drain the batteries within a few days of being idle.

But the charger can maintain the batteries for months of non-use without overcharging them and eliminates the need for extra charging cables. It charges using a trailer’s existing seven-way cable and won’t interfere with other devices on the auxiliary circuit, such as the trailer’s braking system.

“Many large fleets spend millions

of dollars on battery maintenance and replacement annually, and that’s not including asset downtime,” said Jimmy Fielding, Northeast account representative for Purkeys. “Not only will the SteadyCharge significantly reduce battery maintenance and repair costs, it will keep vehicles and drivers on the road by extending the lifespan of existing batteries by up to 500%.”

Accessory batteries usually weigh between 65 and 75 pounds and are often mounted high on the nose of the trailer, Fielding said. The SteadyCharge battery charger weighs 10 pounds and can be mounted to the exterior of the trailer.

“It will be a game-changer for those in cold-chain transportation and for those hauling liquids like beverages and paints that must be kept from freezing in cold weather,” Fielding said.

Purkeys has provided electrical products for the trucking and transportation industry since 1990.

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