Talk Business & Politics unveils its ’20 for 20′ anniversary lineup

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To thank our longtime viewers, listeners and readers and to recruit new ones, Talk Business & Politics is adding to our programming and products to give our audience new ways to engage with our news and the newsmakers we feature.

Over the next week in honor of our 20th anniversary, Talk Business & Politics will unveil its “20 for 20” lineup of new features in a countdown format. The new programming will begin after the July 4th holiday.

“We were founded on innovation and we’ve always believed in innovating new ways to engage with avid business and political news consumers,” said Talk Business & Politics CEO Roby Brock. “From polling to podcasts, it’s important to listen to where changes in the marketplace are developing and to fashion products and programs to serve those needs. It helps our advertisers reach those influential audiences as well.”

The new lineup will populate below throughout the week. Come visit our web site every day this week to see the newest additions or follow on social media with the “#TBP20for20” hashtag. The 20 new features include:

20. “Talk Business & Politics: On the Go” is a new morning podcast, which will round up headlines of the day and exclusive content. This 5-minute podcast will be available as early as 5 a.m. Monday through Friday through iTunes and other channels.

19. “The Pryor Center” videocast and podcast. Once a month, Randy Dixon, executive director of the UA Pryor Center for Visual and Oral History, will explore the group’s archives for interesting political, business, cultural and sports history.

18. “Western Arkansas Business of the Year” awards. This new event, which will take place this fall, will recognize large, small, startup and nonprofit businesses in the Fort Smith metro region. Nominations for the awards, sponsored by OG&E, can be made here.

17. “Power Lunch with Roby Brock.” This monthly open forum will allow readers, viewers and listeners to show up in person for a taping of an interview between a high-profile political or business leader and Talk Business & Politics host Roby Brock. The interview will be turned into a podcast and participants will be served lunch at Red & Blue Events Venue in downtown Little Rock across from the State Capitol.

16. “Hot Potato” weekly videocast and podcast. This new political program will feature a rotating cast of eight (8) different Talk Business & Politics contributors from different sides of the political aisle. They’ll discuss “hot potato” political topics that each brings to the table for the discussion. Our line-up of political all-stars include: John Burris, Robert Coon, Tamika Edwards, Rep. Vivian Flowers, Sen. Missy Irvin, Hayden Shamel, Sylvester Smith, and Clarke Tucker.

15. “Northeast Arkansas Women in Business” awards. Talk Business & Politics, with sponsorship from Ritter Communications, will host our inaugural NEA Women in Business awards this fall. We’ll honor 10 outstanding female business leaders from the region. Make your nominations today at this link.

14. “Northwest Arkansas Women in Business” alumnae club. We’ll be creating a Women in Business alumnae group to celebrate our 5th year of this award in NWA. The elite group of these past and present award winners will have access to a number of exclusive opportunities and information as well as the ability to network with each other in a private fashion.

13. “The Western Arkansas Report with Michael Tilley.” This new weekly podcast will begin on Fridays and will round up business, political and community news from the Fort Smith metro region and surrounding areas. It will also feature exclusive interviews with local leaders.

12. “Northeast Arkansas This Week with George Jared.” This new weekly podcast will also begin on Fridays and will round up business, political and community news from Jonesboro and Northeast Arkansas and will also interview local leaders of influence.

11. “Lunch with Rex Nelson” monthly podcast. Arkansas Democrat-Gazette columnist Rex Nelson and TB&P host Roby Brock will eat lunch at some of Arkansas’ most iconic diners and restaurants to discuss business, politics, community building and culture. Nelson will continue to be a political contributor to the TV program and help anchor Election Night coverage on KATV.

10. “The Northwest Arkansas Business Journal Report with Paul Gatling” podcast. Our NWA Business Journal editor Paul Gatling has been providing radio reports twice weekly for content partner, KUAF. Those reports will now be available in podcast form for listeners.

9. “4 Minutes, 4 Questions with Wes Brown” videocast and podcast. Talk Business & Politics senior writer Wes Brown answers the tough questions in a once a month podcast regarding the latest business and political developments and makes bold predictions on what to watch for in the future.

8. “Economics 101 with Mervin Jebaraj” videocast and podcast. UA Walton College economist Mervin Jebaraj shares his insight in a monthly in-depth interview on economic issues affecting the Arkansas, national and world stage. To expand this coverage, we’ll also be launching a new luncheon in Central Arkansas featuring Mervin and Co.

7. “Connect to Congress” videocast and podcast. In partnership with KATV Ch. 7, Talk Business & Politics host Roby Brock will sit down with Arkansas’ Congressional delegation once a month for exclusive interviews from the nation’s capital.

6. “Data Points with Jamie Gates” videocast and podcast. Conway economic developer Jamie Gates loves data and loves to provide context for how it is shaping the future of Arkansas. His reports will also include a monthly guest commentary.

5. “The Q&A” videocast and podcast. Talk Business & Politics Roby Brock will sit down mid-week for a series of interviews with business and political leaders outside of our traditional Sunday TV program. These new interviews will offer much longer form discussion of topics of interest.

4. “The Business Beat” on KFSM. Talk Business & Politics and the Northwest Arkansas Business Journal are extending our partnership with KFSM, Ch. 5 in Fort Smith-Northwest Arkansas. We’ll offer a wrap-up of the top 5 business stories of the region on the nightly newscast once a week starting in late July. We’ll also provide this analysis as a videocast and podcast.

3. Sunday “Talk Business & Politics with Roby Brock” podcast. Can’t watch the show on Sunday mornings and want to listen to the show later in the day or on your Monday morning commute? We’ll start hanging a podcast of the TV show on iTunes on Sunday mornings for those whose schedules need flexibility.

2. “The Girl Banker with Natalie Bartholomew” videocast and podcast. Banker Natalie Bartholomew with Grand Savings Bank has been highlighting women in banking and women in business through her “The Girl Banker” web site and blog. She’ll come in studio once a month for a one-on-one with her guests to discuss issues impacting women in the workplace.

1. “Tusk to Tail” web site. Our popular Razorback tailgating crew is getting extra attention. We’ll be launching a standalone “Tusk to Tail” web site that will feature more commentary from the diehard sports travelers, more Razorback news as well as merchandise for game days.

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