Walmart Neighborhood pharmacies to offer flavored prescriptions for kids

by Talk Business & Politics staff ([email protected]) 781 views 

Walmart announced this week it will be offering families a choice of flavored medicines (FLAVORx) with select liquid prescriptions. There will be no additional cost for the FLAVORx which comes in 13 flavors such as grape, strawberry, mango, bubblegum and chocolate.

“We know our customers face a lot of challenges during the day and getting your child to swallow necessary medications shouldn’t be one of them,” said Jay Picklesimer, senior director of Walmart Neighborhood Market Health & Wellness Operations. “While we have previously offered FLAVORx at a nominal fee to parents, we are now offering it at no additional cost to take the guesswork out of convenience and continuing our mission of offering affordable healthcare.”

Walmart said pediatric adherence rates of taking medication typically hover around 60%, but when medications are custom flavored, those rates can improve to 90% or higher, according to FLAVORx.