Fast 15: Dalton Person

by Michael Tilley ([email protected]) 1,723 views 

Class of 2019 Dalton Person Associate Attorney Jones Jackson & Moll PLC

Dalton Person will tell you he’s an attorney, but he’s also worked as a political consultant and a used car salesman.

“I’ve held the three least trusted professions in America,” Person said with a laugh.

The Fort Smith native earned a bachelor’s degree in March 2013 from the University of Chicago, and he graduated in May 2016 from the University of Arkansas School of Law.

“I really enjoyed law school. I’m not sure if that makes me a nerd or what have you, but I loved it,” Person said.

He also loves being an attorney. He says it’s a “grueling profession,” but it often puts him in the middle of the machinations of business, politics and communities. He says he was 5 years old when first entertaining the idea of being a lawyer.

“When I was very young, I had a passion for policy, for understanding how things work, and more than anything else, problem solving. That’s something I’ve always enjoyed.”

Person especially likes to include his passion for problem solving with his interest in community involvement. In addition to his Boys & Girls Club service, Person’s public work includes being a United Way of Fort Smith Area board member, a member of the education committee of the Fort Smith Regional Chamber of Commerce, and a Rotary Club member.

“I did a lot of taking growing up, and now it’s my job, it’s my time, to give back,” Person said.

He and his wife Claire also plan to remain in Fort Smith, an admission Person said surprises some who think he would be interested in moving up and maybe into larger markets.

“People are either baffled or surprised. I don’t know. But Claire and I love Fort Smith. … We love giving back to the town where we grew up,” he said.

On that note, Person said the Fort Smith metro has more to offer than most might think and is a “really great place” to raise a family, start a business and make a difference by getting involved in community events and organizations.

“We’re unnecessarily hard on ourselves as a community,” Person said.

He does admit to having an eye on politics but believes it’s possible to be just as effective behind the scenes as it is to hold a political office.

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