Talk Business & Politics launches new Education microsite

by Talk Business & Politics staff ([email protected]) 332 views 

Talk Business & Politics has launched a new microsite aimed at providing more news in the field of pre-K, K-12 education, higher education and workforce training. The University of Central Arkansas is a partner in the endeavor.

Features of the new Education page include recent stories and news briefs focused on the world of education and education policy, as well as Q&A’s with leaders and officials in the field.

“Education accounts for nearly 70% of all state funding. Clearly, it impacts every family and community in Arkansas. Education is pivotal from a news perspective as well as its impact on industry and commerce. We’re proud to add this specialty news site to our portfolio of existing microsites,” said Roby Brock, Talk Business & Politics Editor-in-Chief.

“I want to thank UCA, which has a commitment to education at all levels. Their interest in seeing more of the news that drives education shared with our business and political readership was a big key to launching this coverage. It’s an important arena for news. It is frequently the most important issue to voters, and it is one of the top concerns for business leaders across the state.”

The Education microsite is the latest to be launched by Talk Business & Politics and is now one of nine microsites providing focused coverage on important sectors of the economy. Following is a summary of the other eight microsites.

• Energy
The Energy • Economic Development microsite provides one-stop shopping for stories about Arkansas’ natural gas sector, electric production, fuel and energy transmission, the finances of Murphy USA and Murphy Oil – just to name a few story examples.

• Finance
Features of the Finance • Banking • Investments page include recent stories and news briefs focused on the world of banking, finance, taxes, investments, real estate and insurance, as well as Q&A’s with industry leaders and officials and video interviews with economists and other experts.

• Healthcare
The Healthcare microsite is one of the best places to keep up with Arkansas’ dynamic healthcare sector. The site is frequently updated with a wide range of regional, state, national and global healthcare related stories.

• Manufacturing
Arkansas’ manufacturing sector has experienced a rebound and has a major impact on the state economy. The Manufacturing microsite is a convenient place to keep tabs on local hiring and layoffs, global trade policies, state and federal incentive changes, and manufacturing-related statistics, reports and issues.

• Startups/Technology
The Startup • Technology • Entrepreneurship microsite is a landing page for our coverage of the many programs and organizations in Arkansas focused on creating new technology jobs, venture capital and other related early-cycle business issues. You’ll also find news, briefs and reports that are centered on trends and technology that are growing in adaptation and influence.

• Tourism
The Tourism • Heritage • Hospitality • Travel microsite is frequently updated with stories that range from the health of the state’s tourism industry, to global business travel trends. The microsite also includes a range of regional and hyper-local news, where events, businesses and entrepreneurs are capitalizing on the state’s history, heritage, and quality of life.

• Agriculture/Timber
The Agriculture • Timber microsite focuses on critical agricultural stories covering row crop farming to livestock and poultry to specialty farming. Additionally, the all-important timber industry is included in our coverage. Agriculture and timber are two of the state’s largest economic sectors in terms of financial impact and acreage.

• Retail
With Walmart, Dillard’s and Murphy USA headquartered in Arkansas, the retail sector has huge influence on the state’s economy and employment. Our local coverage of issues impacting retailers and the wholesale industry is unparalleled. Our national and international coverage frequently beats worldwide news competitors.

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