Survey: Walmart ranks highest with Gen Z, men, rural consumers

by Kim Souza ([email protected]) 976 views 

Walmart recently ranked among the most loved brands by three separate demographics — Generation Z, men and rural consumers — in the 2019 survey by

The rankings are based on four survey metrics: brand favorability, trust, community impact and net promoter score. Each metric is factored into an index score, and brands are ranked accordingly. This year’s rankings feature the most loved brands in key demographics including gender, generation, consumer elites, and community types: suburban, urban and rural.

Overall, Walmart ranked No. 18 on the Most Loved Brands survey with a score of 234.8. Amazon took the top spot with a score of 261.9. The top 10 brands included 3 retailers. They are: 1. Amazon; 2. Google; 3. Netflix; 4. UPS; 5 Home Depot; 6. U.S. Post Office; 7. Hershey’s; 8. FedEx; 9. Dollar Tree; 10. Cheerios

Other retailers in the top 25 include: 11. Lowe’s; 15. Target; 18. Walmart; 20. Walgreens

Looking specifically at various demographics such as Generation Z there was a shift in ranking. Google, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon and Oreo were the top 5 favorite in this cohort. Walmart ranked No. 7 behind PlayStation. Target ranked No. 8 and Doritos and Nintendo came in ninth and tenth, respectively.

Netflix, Google, Amazon, YouTube and Target rounded out the top five favorites among millennials. Other retailer’s favored by this cohort include: 7. Dollar Tree; 18. Home Depot

Generation X favored Google, Amazon, Netflix, UPS and Home Depot in its top five. There were just two other retailers named in the top 20, Dollar Tree at No. 16 and Lowe’s at No. 18.

Interestingly, among the Boomer generation, UPS, Home Depot, U.S. Postal Service, Lowe’s and FedEx were the top five favorite brands. Amazon came in at No. 6. and Dollar Tree at No. 19 was the only other retail named by this cohort.

The customer elites cohort has several retailers in the top 20, Walmart was not among this group: 1. Amazon; 2. Costco; 3. Home Depot; 6. Lowe’s ; 11. Trader Joe’s; 13. Target; 15. Barnes & Noble

Rural customers had six retailers in its top 20 favored brands:

  1. Amazon; 3. Dollar Tree; 6. Walmart; 10. Dollar General; 11. Lowe’s; 15. Home Depot

Urban consumers had several retailers in the top 20:

  1. Amazon; 5. Dollar Tree; 8. Home Depot; 9. Target; 13. Walgreens; 17. Walmart

Looking at the different favorites among men and women cohorts, Amazon ranked No. 1 for men and No. 2 for women. Dollar Tree indexed high among women at No. 4 and did not make the men’s top 20. Home Depot ranked No. 6 for both cohorts.

Bath & Body Works ranks No. 9 among women and didn’t place with men. Women ranked Target No. 12 and men ranked Walmart at No. 19. Lowe’s made the top 20 for men and women at No. 18 and No. 12, respectively.

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