Tyson Foods looking to invest in a new warehouse distribution center

by Talk Business & Politics staff ([email protected]) 1,258 views 

Tyson Foods is reportedly looking to invest upwards of $30.6 million into a new warehouse distribution facility according to a proposal made to the Denton, Texas, City Council this week. Tyson Foods confirmed it is looking to expand its distribution warehousing network, but said specific locations and capital investments have not been finalized at this time.

MeatingPlace.com reported from Denton the proposal made in Texas would a 350,000 square-foot refrigerated warehouse that would create 100 new jobs with an economic impact of $4.9 million to the city of Denton if that location is chosen. The new facility would open by December 2021. MeatingPlace reported Texas and the city of Denton discussed incentives totaling $734,000 if the project is completed.

The city said it first began talking with Tyson Foods about the project in February of the year. The company is also reportedly considering sites in Rogers, Indianapolis and Toole, Utah in addition to Denton. Again, Tyson Foods did not confirm, nor deny, plans for those additional locations.

Talk Business & Politics reached out to the Rogers-Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce regarding the reported news. CEO Raymond Burns said he could not comment on any such future investment by Tyson Foods and he was not aware of any proposals on file with the city. Rogers Mayor Greg Hines did not return a call regarding the matter.

Burns said Tyson Foods is an important employer in Rogers and obviously the city and state would be willing to offer up whatever incentives available at their disposal should the company want to expand its local footprint.

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