SEC seeks public comments on quarterly earnings reports

by Talk Business & Politics staff ([email protected]) 125 views 

The Securities and Exchange Commission on Tuesday (Dec. 18) published a request for comment soliciting input on the nature, content, and timing of earnings releases and quarterly reports made by reporting companies.

The request for comment solicits public input on how the Commission can reduce burdens on reporting companies associated with quarterly reporting while maintaining, and in some cases enhancing, disclosure effectiveness and investor protections.

In addition, the commission is seeking comment on how the existing periodic reporting system, earnings releases, and earnings guidance, alone or in combination with other factors, may foster an overly short-term focus by managers and other market participants.

“There is an ongoing debate regarding the effects of mandated quarterly reports and the prevalence of optional quarterly guidance,” said SEC Chairman Jay Clayton. “Our markets thirst for high-quality, timely information regarding company performance and material corporate events. We recognize the importance of this information to well-functioning and fair capital markets. We also recognize the need for companies and investors to plan for the long term. Our rules should reflect these realities. I look forward to receiving thoughtful comments as we think about ways to encourage long-term investment in our country.”

The public comment period will remain open for 90 days following publication of the request for comment in the Federal Register.