USA Truck increases regional driver pay, changes performance pay schedule

by Talk Business & Politics staff ([email protected]) 743 views 

Van Buren-based carrier USA Truck has raised the pay of its regional class A drivers, according to a news release. The pay increase went into effect Sept. 9 and was announced along with a change in the frequency of productivity pay.

Drivers who operate equipment safely will earn productivity pay weekly instead of monthly or quarterly, and they can add up to an additional 6 cents per mile to their weekly pay. Depending on location, drivers can earn up to 52.5 cents per mile, said Werner Hugo, senior vice president of trucking.

“We are very proud of our driving team and all they do to make USA Truck what it is today,” President and CEO James Reed said. “This pay increase reflects our personal commitment to making USA Truck a place where every team member can grow and thrive in both the quality of their company experience and personal income.”

“The pay increase includes updated and higher regional base pay, an expanded 20-year pay scale and weekly productivity pay,” Reed said. “This is truly unique because, at USA Truck, productivity pay in now earned weekly as part of a driver’s base pay.”

The previous maximum was 46.5 cents per mile a driver could earn. So, at up to 52.5 cents per mile, and a driver driving 11,200 miles per month, he/she could earn up to $76,440 annually not including their loyalty bonus which is based on number of years employed.

USA Truck has more than 1,675 company and owner-operator drivers, and 70% of company drivers will receive raises. Teams, students and dedicated drivers are on different pay scales.