may rank fourth in U.S. e-commerce sales, releases top selling items by state list

by Kim Souza ([email protected]) 1,533 views 

Walmart continues to dole out the majority of its capital expenditures on growing its e-commerce business, which many believed was second only to Amazon and its 49.1% dominance in e-commerce sales. But a recent report by e-Marketer pegs in fourth place.

The Bentonville-based retailer’s online market share follows eBay’s estimated 6.6% share and Apple’s 3.9% share. The most recent forecast by e-Marketer notes Walmart’s share at roughly 3.7%. Home Depot (1.5%), Best Buy (1.3%) and Macy’s Costco and QVC Group each are expected to have roughly 1.2% of the share, and Wayfair has about 1.1%.

Amazon’s total e-commerce sales in the U.S. are expected to top $258.22 billion this year, up 29% from a year ago. The majority of those sales (68%) represent third-party sellers – marketplace – on Amazon, and the remaining 32% are direct sales. The biggest categories for Amazon include computer and consumer electronics, which are about 25% of the total. Apparel sales are expected to grow 38% this year making it the second largest category for Amazon raking in $39.88 billion, or 15.5% of the total online sales. In just a few years, Amazon has taken a 38.5% share of all online U.S. apparel sales.

Food and beverage are also growing categories for Amazon, helped in part from the acquisition of Whole Foods and its 356 private label brands, which are now sold on While Amazon is growing food and beverage sales, they remain small in terms of overall U.S. grocery sales.

Walmart is the nation’s largest grocery chain with revenue of $318.5 billion. More than half (56%) of that was grocery, or $178 billion as of last year. Walmart does not break out its e-commerce sales, and even though the omnichannel channel grocery pickup sales at Walmart are credited under the e-commerce division, they are still reflected in the total U.S. grocery sales number. as well as online grocery pickup are big attributors to Walmart’s double-digit growth in its e-commerce sales metrics. This year, Walmart expects e-commerce sales to grow 40%, although it remains a small part of the retail giant’s overall business.

BEST SELLING ITEMS recently revealed the top selling items through the first half of 2018 in each state taking advantage of Walmart’s free two-day shipping. Free shipping requires a total spend of $35 or more. Walmart said it offers millions of items, including food, eligible for free shipping.

In Walmart’s home state of Arkansas, the biggest seller online is disinfectant wipes, while Oklahomans ordered more Folgers Coffee, and Texans favored Ozark Trail coolers and tumblers for this hot part of the country. Louisiana shoppers bought more aloe & cucumber bar soap, and folks in Mississippi like their Campbell’s asparagus soup. Cake mixes were the best-selling item in Alabama, and in Georgia, smartphone SIM card kits were the biggest hit with Walmart customers shopping online. Florida shoppers bought L.O.L. Surprise! toys most often.

Tennessee shoppers favored Starburst candy, and South Carolina ordered more hand warmers. In North Carolina inflatable air mattress were the most popular item ordered online. Honey cornbread muffin mix was favored by shoppers in Virginia, and West Virginia ordered infant formula. Online Walmart shoppers in Maryland bought smoke alarms, and the best-selling item in Delaware was Google’s Chromecast for streaming media. In Washington, D.C., the hot item was cocoa powder, and in New Jersey it was pencil sharpeners. Pennsylvania shoppers ordered paper shredders, and New Yorkers ordered paper towels.

In New England states like Connecticut, the best-selling item was “Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi” on DVD. Rhode Islanders like the Equate Cool & Heat Medicated Patches, and folks in Massachusetts ordered flushable wipes. Vermont shoppers favored mango juice, while the best-selling item in New Hampshire was toothpaste and tooth whiteners. In Maine, mosquito head nets were the top item.

States in Appalachia, such as Kentucky, ordered Peanut M&M’s. Indiana shoppers bought LEGO dinosaurs, and in Ohio it was the Roku Express streaming device. North, in Michigan, Fruity Pebbles were favored by shoppers, Wisconsin shoppers ordered paper plates, and in Illinois, laundry detergent was the top best-seller.

Shoppers in Missouri ordered Life Savers candy, Iowa shoppers ordered tissues, and in Minnesota, the best-selling item was tortilla chips. North Dakota shoppers like Great Value Lemonade Mix, and South Dakotans like macaroni and cheese. In Nebraska, newborn baby gripper socks were a big seller, and in Kansas it was Maruchan Instant Lunch.

Out west in New Mexico, shoppers favored trash bags, and in Colorado, where recreational marijuana is legal, shoppers ordered more s’mores fixings. In Wyoming, the best-selling item was reusable ice packs, and plastic food wrap was the top item in Montana. In Idaho, brown sugar was the hot seller. Utah shoppers went for “The Greatest Showman” DVD, and in Arizona, Parent’s Choice Newborn Diapers were the best-selling item.

Pacific states like California saw shoppers ordering more gaming consoles and controllers, while their neighbors in Nevada stocked up on soy milk. In Oregon, Apple Pencils were the biggest selling item, and in Amazon’s home state of Washington, it was cat litter that was purchased most often at