Facebook announces ‘Community Boost’ program coming to Little Rock

by Talk Business & Politics staff ([email protected]) 547 views 

Facebook is bringing a “Community Boost” to Little Rock on Dec. 11-12, 2018. The program was started last November and is part of Facebook’s commitment to visits U.S. cities with training and workshops that will help small businesses, entrepreneurs and job seekers grow their business and develop new digital skills, according to the company.

Facebook said that a survey of small businesses (SMBs) in Arkansas shows that demand for workers with digital skills is needed by 7 out of 10 employers.

In addition, research conducted by Morning Consult and co-sponsored by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Facebook suggests small businesses’ use of social media is creating new opportunities.

In Arkansas the research found that:

  • 64% of SMBs in Arkansas surveyed agree that Facebook is an essential tool for their business;
  • 39% of SMBs surveyed in Arkansas say that Facebook has helped them hire additional employees to work at their business;
  • 69% of SMBs surveyed in Arkansas believe that Facebook allows them to find customers in other cities, states or countries;
  • 72% of SMBs surveyed in Arkansas believe an individual’s digital and social media skills are important when hiring, more than those who think where an individual went to school is important.

Facebook’s “Community Boost” initiative will result in representatives visiting 50 U.S. cities in 2018. You can learn more here.