Libertarian announces for Arkansas’ 3rd District seat

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Former State Representative candidate Michael Kalagias will run as a Libertarian for Arkansas’ 3rd Congressional seat held by U.S. Rep. Steve Womack, R-Rogers.

”The people deserve better government. Steve Womack consistently receives failing marks from conservative groups for his actions in Congress because of his record of repeatedly voting to increase the national debt, increasing government spending and the size of government, and advocating new taxes,” Kalagias noted in his announcement statement. “The people of Arkansas should have a representative that adheres to their values of responsible limited government, decreased spending, and lower taxes. That’s me.”

Kalagias is a retired school teacher working at Bentonville Public Schools, is on the board of directors for Benton County Water District #1, and is a volunteer firefighter with the Avoca Fire Department. He is also a veteran of the U.S. Navy and deployed to the Persian Gulf twice.

Kalagias joins a growing field of candidates for the job. Robb Ryerse is challenging Womack for the GOP nomination, and Joshua Mahony has declared himself a candidate for the Democratic Party’s nomination.

Michael Kalagias

To be on the ballot in the general election Nov. 6, Kalagias will need to secure the Libertarian Party’s nomination at their convention held Feb. 24-25 in Little Rock. The Republicans and Democrats will choose their candidates through the statewide primary elections on May 22.