Amazon Lockers installed at Whole Foods in Fayetteville

by Talk Business & Politics staff ([email protected]) 1,805 views 

Online retail giant Amazon recently installed lockers into the Whole Foods store in Fayetteville as part of its plan make returns easier and give Prime members an option for package pickup.

Amazon said it would install lockers in select locations for its growing Prime member base shortly after it acquired Whole Foods for $13.7 billion earlier this year. The lockers were one of several initiatives Amazon announced in August, including lowering prices at Whole Foods on select items.

Amazon also said it would make Prime the customer rewards program at Whole Foods. Jeff Wilke, customer CEO at Amazon, said Amazon will be increasing the perks to Prime members by giving them additional savings and in-store benefits at Whole Foods locations.

Analysts at Morgan Stanley said linking Prime memberships to the Whole Foods rewards program has the potential to increase sales at Whole Foods. They estimate 62% of Whole Foods shoppers already have a Prime membership.