Arkansas to distribute 11.5 RVP gasoline to mitigate fuel shortage

by Talk Business & Politics staff ( 86 views 

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will temporarily allow the distribution of 11.5 Low Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) gasoline in Arkansas in hopes to ease a fuel shortage in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. On Friday (Sept. 1), the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality announced the temporary waiver on the restriction to distribute RVP gasoline.

On Aug. 31, the ADEQ asked the EPA to lift the restriction, and the federal agency approved two waivers for multiple states, including Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas. The waivers are effective immediately and run through Sept. 15.

“We appreciate the swift and collaborative action with both our state and federal partners to recognize and remove any unnecessary restrictions to fuel distribution system in response to impacts caused by Hurricane Harvey,” ADEQ Director Becky Keogh said. “The waivers will work to minimize or prevent further disruption of an adequate supply of gasoline to consumers.”

Arkansas Agriculture Secretary Wes Ward said the waiver “will help to ensure the continuity of available fuel in our region and will continue to maintain good fuel quality for our motorists.”

State bureau of standards departments enforce gasoline blend waivers. The EPA grants the waivers through requests from state environmental agencies. Arkansas Bureau of Standards, a division of the Arkansas Agriculture Department’s State Plant Board, ensures quality standards for gasoline, diesel, bio-diesel, alcohol fuels, kerosene and petroleum products in commercial transactions in the state.