Texas has used more energy than any other state for 57 years

by Talk Business & Politics staff (staff2@talkbusiness.net) 48 views 

Texas used a total of 13 quadrillion British thermal units (Btu) or about 13% of total U.S. energy consumption in 2015, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. The EIA’s State Energy Data System recently released 2015 data estimates for energy consumption. https://www.eia.gov/

“Texas has consumed the most energy in every year since 1960,” according to the EIA. California uses the second most at 8 quadrillion Btu, or about 8% of total U.S. energy consumption.

Texas and California are followed by Louisiana, Florida and Illinois as the top five energy-consuming states, accounting for more than one-third of total U.S. energy consumption. “Total energy consumption of the top 10 states exceeded the combined energy use of the other 41 states.”

Vermont uses about 132 trillion Btu, the least amount of energy consumed by any state. It was the only state with a consumption level lower than the District of Columbia, which used 179 trillion Btu. “Historically, Vermont has used less energy than any other state since 1961,” according to the EIA. “Rhode Island, Delaware, Hawaii and New Hampshire round out the top five lowest energy-consuming states, which together accounted for only 1% of total U.S. energy use in 2015.”

Arkansas used about 1 quadrillion Btu in 2015.

Total energy use in the United States in 2015 was about 97 quadrillion Btu, down 1% from 2014. Minnesota decreased its energy use by 7.6% in 2015, from 2014, and Florida’s energy use rose 3.7% over the same period. Midwestern states, including Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana and Missouri accounted for nearly half of the total decrease amount states with lower energy use in 2015, from 2014.

Louisiana had the highest energy use per capita at 912 million Btu per person in 2015. New York had the lowest energy use per capita at 189 million Btu per person in 2015.