Manufacturers’ group says trade investigation of China ‘not enough’

by Talk Business & Politics staff ( 38 views 

President Donald Trump has directed the U.S. Trade Representative to launch a Section 302(b) investigation into China’s technology transfer policies, but one national manufacturing representative says the Monday (Aug. 14) memo is “not enough.”

The requested investigation will focus on China’s intellectual property theft and requirements that force American companies to share advanced technologies in return for access to China’s market.

Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) President Scott Paul accused China of stealing America’s innovations in a statement. “Monday’s memo is an important first step, but it won’t mean much without quick, measurable action,” Paul said, adding the President’s repeated promises to crack down on China’s “predatory trade practices” has not translated to action. “China was not labeled a currency manipulator, and workers are still waiting to hear if the administration will stop foreign steel imports that threaten national security and critical infrastructure. Steel imports are up 18% since the Administration announced its Section 232 investigation in April.”

Paul said unless the Trump administration “swiftly concludes its security review, steel jobs are at risk.”

“Similarly, don’t expect China to scale back its destructive technology transfer practices unless there are consequences at the end of this new investigation,” Paul said.