Arkansas Surgical Hospital patients to prepare for surgery with PeerWell mobile app

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A San Francisco-based technology company is partnering with Arkansas Surgical Hospital to allow its patients to use the company’s mobile app, according to a news release.

Technology company PeerWell offers mobile apps to help patients before and after surgery, and through the partnership, patients of Arkansas Surgical Hospital of North Little Rock will have access to the company’s PreHab app, which helps those who’ll receive a hip or knee replacement to prepare for the surgery. The patients using the app will receive daily checklists of items to complete before surgery, such as proper nutrition, exercise, mediation and home preparation.

This is PeerWell’s first partnership in Arkansas.

“Being prepared for surgery is key to having great outcomes, but much of this preparation happens outside our doors,” said Carrie Helm, CEO of Arkansas Surgical Hospital. “Using technology to expand our reach beyond the hospital walls is a natural step forward as we strive to improve patient care.”

Annually, 50 million people undergo procedures such as joint replacement surgery, coronary bypass surgery and chemotherapy, according to the news release.

“When patients go in for joint surgery, they’re given 50+ pages of preparation instructions,” said Manish Shah, CEO of PeerWell. “It’s an outdated method, and most patients simply don’t have the time or patience to peruse all of that information on paper. PeerWell gives them an easy, convenient way to prepare for surgery. And physicians can breathe a little easier, too, knowing that their patients are physically and mentally fit for the procedure.”

Dr. Kenneth Martin of Martin Orthopedics, an affiliate of physician-owned Arkansas Surgical Center, was excited to partner with PeerWell and ASH in offering the mobile app. “We are always looking for new ways to engage patients, especially to get them fully prepared for surgery,” he said. “Patient preparation is key to having successful outcomes.”

In January, PeerWell launched ReHab, a mobile app that helps people recovery from joint replacement surgery for the hip or knee.