OmniiX exec forms new Amazon consulting company

by Jennifer Joyner ( 309 views 

A former manager for a Rogers-based startup that advises Amazon sellers has formed her own e-commerce consulting company.

Jennifer Ruscin, retail consultant and former senior manager of business development at OmniiX, has joined forces with Fayetteville entrepreneur Brad Harvey to form Simplyzon, which advertises its process and “secret sauce” will land Amazon sellers’ items in top search rankings within 90 days.

“It’s all about Amazon selling made simple,” Ruscin said.

The consulting team is comprised of retail and IT professionals, whose expertise lie in an understanding of Amazon’s complex algorithm, Harvey said. “Amazon is just one giant math equation.”

Ruscin worked at OmniiX for about a year starting in October 2015. She said a desire to be an entrepreneur led her to co-found Simplyzon.

“Your future is not something you want to give over to other people,” Ruscin said. “For years, I have collaborated and brought millions of dollars to strategic partners through my new business development talents. After hiring a business coach, I discovered that creating my own company, where I can leave a legacy for my children, was a high priority.”

Last year, Ruscin and Harvey collaborated to form the Marketers Table, a small consulting company that provides commission-based marketing services.

Ruscin is also founder of Growth Spurt Sales and Marketing and JKR Consulting Info. 

Harvey is also founder of Nerdies, an education company, and co-founder of Nowa.Life, a discount deals site.