In-Demand Restaurant Temporary Closed in Downtown Rogers

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Have you been to Heirloom in downtown Rogers for dinner? If you haven’t gone yet, you may have to wait a while.
The restaurant is usually booked for months ahead, and it is currently undergoing a renovation that could put it out of commission until August, according to chef and co-owner Jason Paul.  
As a result, Heirloom is now fully booked until October, and it has stopped taking reservations until after it reopens.
Moving forward, it will only take reservations for two months ahead. “If we hadn’t cut off renovations we’d be booked halfway through next year,” Paul said.
The 900-SF restaurant, located at 113 S. Second St., is open only on Friday and Saturday evenings and seats 22 people. Chef Paul is the only one in the kitchen, and he is known for his creative use of seasonal ingredients. His motto? Quality over quantity.
The renovation came about when new owners of the building, Michael and Sheila Rose of Rogers, inspected it and identified some needed improvements.
On top of the necessary changes, the renovation will also yield new, decorative elements and a counter overlooking the kitchen, Paul said.
“We think this is really going to set us up on a bigger scale, and it’s going to be a really cool, unique space that could even garner national attention,” he said. 
The restaurant offers a completely different experience for lunch (only open Tuesday–Thursday): soup, salad, sandwich and no reservation needed. So you don’t have to wait as long for lunch at Heirloom — just until it opens back up.