Screening Company Earns Accreditation

by Jeff Della Rosa ([email protected]) 155 views 

National Crime Search Inc. of Fayetteville joined a small number of background screening companies accredited by National Association of Professional Background Screeners.

“We believe our customers deserve the best,” said Travis Fink, president of National Crime Search. “Our NAPBS accreditation shows our continued commitment to providing the highest level of data security, compliance and professionalism.”

Fink founded National Crime Search in 2007.

“At NCS, we have an outstanding staff of 11 dedicated employees who worked extremely hard to achieve the NAPBS accreditation,” Fink said.

NAPBS has 434 members and only 17 percent are accredited, he said.

Fink previously owned PayTime, one of the largest independent payroll service bureaus in Arkansas.

In 2004, he sold PayTime. He owned several other businesses before starting National Crime Search.

The company serves several thousand customers nationwide and has partnered with over 700 organizations and companies to offer background screening options to their members and customers.

“You put together a program for [our company] that has the synergy and integration that fits our business model,” said Andrew C. Kline, president of Payday Payroll Inc. of Virginia Beach, Virginia. “You provide a valuable added service for our clients, allow me to participate without sharing the workload, and because you are a former ‘payroll guy,’ you know how important it is to treat my clients right when I put my stamp of approval on your service.”