New Master Carton Labeling Puts Packaging in Spotlight

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Part of this experience includes serving as senior director of packaging for Wal-Mart Stores Inc. from 2009 to 2015. During that time, he and his team created new designs for the company’s private label products, including Great Value, Spring Valley, Equate Beauty, and Parents’ Choice brands.

“Packaging development and production play a huge role in product costing,” Sasine explains, “and decisions made upstream in the packaging process have a big impact on how products hit price points on the shelf.”

Sasine’s passion led him to found Hudson Windsor, where he works with packaging companies that deal directly with large retailers and consumer products firms.

But there are many links in the packaging development chain. One that is often overlooked is the link between manufacturer and retailer, and Sasine wants to help retailers and manufacturers understand each other’s side of the business.

“The retail business operates differently than manufacturing,” Sasine points out, “and the performance metrics are different.”

Packaging — in particular corrugated shipping cases — is getting new attention today because of new requirements Walmart recently put into place.

Corrugated shippers and the printing on those cases affect what happens to merchandise all throughout the supply chain before it ever reaches the shelf.

This new initiative will help stores more easily and quickly identify what is in the shipping case so that the merchandise goes from backroom to shelf more efficiently.

On May 19, Sasine will lead a webinar explaining the new corrugated box guidelines, designed specifically for suppliers of food products. Case labeling standards and expectations will be explained during the webinar, along with other important requirements.

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