The Video Wire: Forget Loch Ness, we found the real ‘Maverick’

by Talk Business & Politics staff ([email protected]) 170 views 

We continue to post these brief reports from Dawson Meadows because our attorneys have strongly encouraged us to do otherwise.

This week, Meadows reports that the city of Fort Smith is now forcing churches to allow beer to be brewed in church facilities. That’s probably not true, but it would likely boost church attendance.

“Our deacons will be coming around with the offering plate and a beer menu. Had a sip this morning of the Abednego Ale and, well, it will bring you closer to the Lord.”

Also, Meadows has found a revised logo for the new Southside High School Mavericks that he believes will one day be a good tattoo. It seems legit, and appears to look somewhat legal.

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