The C Suite: Laura Tucker

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Achievements: Under Tucker’s leadership, the company is in its 22nd year of operations and has grown to service some of the largest brands in the nation; a past board member of the Kendrick Fincher Hydration for Life.


Hometown: Rogers


What got you pointed toward your current career? There were not any fast sign shops or sign franchises in Rogers, and there was a need.


What aspects of your work do you find the most rewarding? My employees. I hire many people smarter than me, and I learn from them every day. My customers. We’ve not done outside sales in 22 years, and to have so many of my original customers still doing business with me today makes me happy. Over 60 percent of our customers are reoccurring ones. 


What one word best describes you? Driven.


Last book you read? ‘The Advantage.’ I am currently reading, ‘Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else in Business’ by Patrick Lencioni.


What do you consider the greatest achievement of your professional career? Successfully being able to employ 14 people with the majority currently working at my company for more than 10 years.


What was your first job? Fargo’s Ice Cream, Dixieland Mall.


What’s something interesting about you that people would be surprised to learn? I didn’t start Best Sign Group with a business plan or have business insight for the market I was entering. At 23, I jumped in with $500, and we have been profitable every year since.