Fast 15: Hannah Cicioni

by Talk Business & Politics ([email protected]) 778 views 

Hannah Cicioni has a difficult, but welcome, problem — finding enough time to devote to her bill-paying job as an up-and-coming real estate developer and also to her labor of love as an outdoors and hunting enthusiast.

She owns companies related to both and fortunately has figured out the secret sauce to be successful in both endeavors.

“I don’t have a family yet, and I aspire to do that. But I want to be able to show my kids that with the time and effort and hard work you put in, you can be rewarded by seeing your community flourish,” she said. “At this point in my life, now’s not the time to sleep. I want to bust out as much as possible. If you have a passion for it, that helps carry you through.”

Cicioni, who grew up in Rogers and is now a resident in the downtown area, started her real estate development and consulting firm in early 2015.

She has gained about 25 clients in the past six months, and has both residential and commercial projects in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas. She said her current portfolio is worth about $20 million.

Cicioni said playing a small role in the growth of downtown Rogers has been a career highlight.

“This is the place where I live, work and play,” she said. “Downtown Rogers is a special place because of the people, and I want more people to be a part of it.”

Cicioni’s career in real estate is tied to her “fun” job. She started land consulting while traveling with Red Ridge, a media and education company she started in late 2013. She travels the country to showcase communities and what is unique about their region as it relates to the outdoors.

That venture was a spinoff of Cicioni’s first company, a nonprofit she founded while still a student at the UA focused on teaching kids about the outdoors through conservation and wildlife management.

Cicioni, an accomplished big game hunter who is an in-demand guide, has so far filmed Red Ridge segments in 13 states, including one focused on Rogers. She has scheduled international trips to Canada, South America and Australia.

Cicioni sits on several community boards, including Main Street Rogers, Rogers Downtown Rotary and the Rogers Board of Adjustments, of which she is chairman.