Fast 15: Caleb Khazoyan

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Caleb Khazoyan’s unique design approach took root more than 10 years ago when he led an international team of students to create two award-winning indie games.

As founder of Biotech Game Productions, he and his team designed, developed and released computer games. At 13, Khazoyan developed a taste for design and kick-started a career as a full-stack designer.

Full-stack design means taking projects “from concept to prototype,” he said.

As creative director at Rockfish Interactive Corp., he’s part of a team of six who employ the approach to work both the creative and development sides of projects.

“It’s a fairly new way of thinking about design,” he said.

It allows them to engage with clients on a deeper level.

“The benefit to our clients is that with Caleb and his team we can spend more time in the design phase, which is where most of the real value is discovered and created,” said David Morley, vice president, group creative director.

Khazoyan said he’s saved companies millions of dollars over the past two years.

Many multimillion-dollar projects he’s worked on have been for Wal-Mart Stores Inc.

“He’s one of the most talented individuals I’ve ever worked with,” said Bill Hall, vice president of business innovation. “He has an ability to merge art and science.”

Khazoyan is not only concerned about the look of his projects but also the feel.

Take a banking app, for example. If a user were to deposit $10,000, Khazoyan could design the app to complete the deposit in a half-second. But it might feel better to the user if it would take two seconds after making such a deposit.

Khazoyan, an Eagle Scout, grew up in south Denver and moved to Northwest Arkansas to attend John Brown University.

In 2013, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in graphic and web design.

He started at Rockfish as an intern in summer 2012.

Earlier that year, he received a Student Undergraduate Research Fellowship to study and improve an iPad app.

He became a full-time designer in 2013. In 2014, he was studio manager. In January 2015, he was named senior designer. He’s been art director since December.

He spends his free time designing and building apps and games, mostly for Windows 10 and Windows Phone. He also enjoys spending time with his wife by playing games, cooking and gardening.