MAPC approves final site plan for Reserve at Hill Park

by Michael Wilkey ([email protected]) 226 views 

The 38-acre Reserve at Hill Park commercial development in southwest Jonesboro is one step closer to reality as the Metropolitan Area Planning Commission approved a final site plan on the project.

Officials with Haag Brown Commercial announced plans in July 2015 to build the complex near Harrisburg Road and within driving distance of downtown Jonesboro.

George Hamman with Jonesboro based architectural firm Civilogic, told commissioners that a large pond and trail will be part of the complex, northwest of Browns Lane and Windover Road. In addition, the 38-acre development will have a lake, running trail and fishing dock. So far, all of the interest has been commercial, Hamman said.

Last July, officials announced that Ritter Communications, Stephens Inc., Haag Brown and Jones and Company would move to the complex. Commissioner Jim Scurlock asked Hamman about the complex’s proximity to several churches and schools in the area. Zoning director Otis Spriggs told Scurlock that developers and landowners have worked on a solution on the issue.

Commissioner Ron Kelton asked Hamman about fencing the area in for sound and traffic. Hamman said decorative fencing would be built around the complex. As for a walking trail on the complex, Hamman said the developers and the employees at the businesses at the complex would be the only people with access to the trail.

The commission also approved the final site plan for the University Woods project. The development in the 2500 block of East Johnson Avenue will include a 240-unit apartment unit for campus style housing.

Spriggs said issues related to frontage at the project needs to be addressed, including building sidewalks especially in the eastern side of the complex for Arkansas State University students to walk to class.

Spriggs also suggested that a privacy fence be built in the area while the security detail plan must be provided to MAPC as part of a final site plan. The traffic report must also be approved by an engineer with the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department. Barret Hagen of Hagen Engineering said that officials are working on a traffic count for Johnson Avenue for an overall plan to build a crosswalk.