Reserve At Hill Park To Provide Amenity-driven Office Space In Central Jonesboro

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A 38-acre development with several standout professional firms in Jonesboro serving as anchors will be built in the center of town, one of the developers of the project said Tuesday night.

Officials with Haag Brown Commercial announced that The Reserve at Hill Park will be located within the 38-acre multi-use Hill Park Development. The project is situated within the Windover Park area in Jonesboro’s city center.

Ritter Communications, Stephens Inc., and the new home to Haag Brown Commercial will be part of the development.

The development will also include a three-acre private lake with a dock, exclusive running and walking trails, a pavilion for meetings and several acres for future development, Josh Brown with the company said.

Haag Brown Commercial also announced that accounting firm Jones & Company will be joining Phase I, which fronts Browns Lane.

“We chose Hill Park because this location is right in the heart of the city and is easily accessible by our clients, employees and friends,” said Brent Stidman of Jones & Company, Ltd.

“The location is surrounded by premiere businesses that have also chosen to make their home in this strategically located office park.”

Construction is expected to be complied by spring 2016, but a price tag for the development was not disclosed in an announcement release.

Jonesboro Mayor Harold Perrin said the new venture is a big day for Jonesboro.

“Jonesboro welcomes new and innovative ideas. This planned office park is exactly that. We are excited to see this go forward and are glad that Haag Brown is bringing this to our city. We hope this will be just the first of many developments of this kind in the future.”

There are several factors that prompted Haag Brown Commercial to create the Reserve at Hill Park. The company had outgrown its current office space, but did not want to give up the Windover Park environment, Brown said.

The Windover area has been conducive to the needs of the firm and its clients and offers unparalleled convenience since Windover is in the middle of the city, just minutes away from Downtown, Red Wolf Boulevard, North Jonesboro and Southwest Drive, he said.

Hill Park offered the ideal location and contained 20 beautifully wooded acres in Jonesboro.

“Hill Park had a lot of untapped potential and we wanted to get the project kicked off,” noted Haag Brown Commercial Principal Greg Haag. “What better way to do so than investing ourselves in the project and building our own office.”

Officials with Haag Brown worked with clients in cities like North Little Rock and Bentonville, as well as Bozeman and Missoula, Montana, and Birmingham, Alabama, to get an idea for what to create.

Brown said he and Haag discovered some exceptionally sophisticated lifestyle oriented office environments sparking an aspiration to create a similar environment in Jonesboro.

“We spend more time at the office than we do in our own homes. With that in mind, having amenities like a lake, private running trail, fishing dock, pavilion, and almost 20 acres of mature trees and wildlife is appealing. The thought of having my bike at the office and leaving in the afternoon for a ride makes me excited,” Brown said.

Two of the largest real estate transactions in the past several years in the state of Arkansas were office developments that offered a lifestyle component including a view of the outdoors, a walking/running trail and mature trees and wildlife, Brown said.

“We are not inventing anything new,” said Brown. “We are simply doing the same thing that is working in other markets.”

On the track idea, Haag Brown Commercial consulted with Ted Herget from the birth of the idea.

“When people think about the Reserve at Hill Park, I want there to be thoughts of biking, running, paddle boarding, hammocks, animals, water and just the outdoors in general,” Brown said. “Ted is an expert in this area and I deeply value his opinion.”

Herget agreed.

“Haag Brown has nailed it. As a local business owner whose entire emphasis is lifestyle and exercise, I am stoked about this project. It is all about leading by example and HB is doing just that by starting and being a part of this project. If you have to work in an office in Jonesboro, where in the world would you rather be?”