February Vote Looms For Proposed Wind Farm Property

by Talk Business & Politics ([email protected]) 68 views 

That proposed 80-megawatt wind farm in Elm Springs isn’t looking so good. Public backlash coupled with the past transgressions by the farm’s developers seem to have spelled doom for the project.

The locals have their torches and pitchforks, so to speak, and in February are voting to de-annex the farm location from Elm Springs. As it turns out, Jody Davis and Cody Fell of Dragonfly Industries International LLC, the company wanting to build the farm, both have checkered pasts.

Davis apparently got popped for embezzlement a few years back and Fell has a history of financial problems, according to various news reports. Moreover, according to a report by the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Dragonfly has yet to have serious conversations with power providers about hooking into local grids. The developers even pulled their request to have the land zoned from agricultural to commercial.

Still, no one is sure if the issue is settled, and thus the spirited and ongoing opposition from Elm Springs residents.

While mayor Harold Douthit appears to still have at least nominal support for the project, he did Davis no favors by comparing him to inside trader Martha Stewart, dog fighter Mike Vick, and gambling addict Pete Rose.