Q&A With Tricia Beavers Of Photobooth Etc.

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Arkansan Tricia Beavers, a graduate of the University of Central Arkansas, is the founder and owner of Photobooth Etc. in Little Rock.

According to Beavers, Photobooth Etc. is a full service open-air photo booth company that specializes in providing entertainment and capturing special moments. By offering the highest quality photo booth equipment, fun atmosphere, beautiful pictures, and the instant gratification of on-site printing and social media sharing, “we add a spark of excitement to any event,” Beavers said.

The Photobooth works just like traditional photo booths, where guests sit down on the seat behind the curtain, press the button, and the automatic camera takes three pictures in a row. After they’re done, the guests get to see their photos on screen, which then are automatically printed and ready in 30 seconds.

Talk Business & Politics startup/tech reporter Todd Jones recently chatted with Tricia to find out more about this talented and driven entrepreneur.

TB&P: What was your first job?

Beavers: My first job was working for my Dad at his custom cabinet business (Dan’s Kitchen & Bath) during the summer. It was a physically demanding job and Arkansas summers are far from cool, (so) I would come home covered in sweat, dust and paint, and there’s no telling how many times I almost broke a finger trying to nail something together.

One time, I cut a few corners to get done early so I could meet up with some friends.  When I got home that night, my Dad wasn’t there, and I couldn’t figure out why. He walked in shortly after and when I inquired about his lateness, he asked me if I thought I had done the best job I could have done that day.  When I admitted I hadn’t – he proceeded to tell me that no matter what our jobs are, scrubbing toilets to emptying trash – to take pride in what you do.  He said, ‘You can’t go through life cutting corners and in the end, you’ll have to go back and do it again.’

While he stayed late to fix my mistakes this time, he wouldn’t again and it was up to me to decide the type of work I wanted to produce. He has always worked harder and better than anyone else I know to this day, and he takes pride in whatever he does. It’s something I practice every day. Take pride in what you do and how you do it and people will take pride in you.

TB&P: What book had the biggest impact on you?

Beavers: Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg, (CFO of Facebook). While not everyone has encountered the same privileges Sheryl has been given, most everyone can resonate with some of the messages in the book. Be more aware of what is going on in the workplace, have the courage to challenge inequalities and jump in when opportunities present themselves.

TB&P: What do you like about the current Arkansas entrepreneurial ecosystem?

Beavers: The people. I have met so many kind, passionate and supportive individuals. Everyone not only wants to see succeed themselves but they want you to succeed as well. Arkansas is still in the infancy stages of building this ecosystem, and these qualities in the people who are key to helping it grow and thrive!

TB&P: What are your top three pieces of advice for other Women entrepreneurs?

1.      Customer service is the key. You are nothing without your customers. When working with customers (or potential customers), put yourself in their shoes, what would make them happy, be honest and respectful, respond in a timely manner and always make sure every aspect of their experience with you doesn’t just meet their expectations, but beats it!
2.      Don’t be scared or intimidated to ask questions or to ask for help. It’s not a sign of weakness or unintelligence – it’s a sign that you want to learn and grow.
3.      Make your point in as few words as possible. A lot of women I know tend to over explain, over- sell and quite simply overdo it.

TB&P: What are your top five apps or tools to help with productivity?

1.      Trello – I have Trello boards for everything from books I’m reading or want to read, to vacation ideas, easy checklists and planning guides.
2.      Google docs/forms/calendar – I use this for almost every aspect of my life. I integrate Google forms for populating contracts to automatically updating items on my calendar. It takes the headache out of making sure all the event details are stored in an easy to access location
3.      iOS notes – I love how they sync on all my devices, and are easy for storing quick notes, thoughts and ideas.
4.      Day designer by Whitney English Strategic planner & daily agenda. I have never been one to have a paper planner until this one came along – it’s my favorite.
5.      Dropbox – It is great for storing files that aren’t easily converted to Google docs, and can be accessed from all my devices.

TB&P: What advice would you give to new startups or entrepreneurs?

Beavers: Make time for yourself and for your family. It’s hard to do when you first get started (because) the excitement of building your business keeps you going, up at night, and doing more and more. But it’s your health and the health of your relationships that will ultimately sustain it.

Have you used the Photobooth, Etc.? Do you have pictures taken from an event using Photobooth, Etc.? Let us know!

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