HyperLeap And Venture Center To Partner

by Todd Jones ([email protected]) 450 views 

The Venture Center has announced that Little Rock-based Broadband Development Group (BDG) will provide HyperLeap Internet Service for the Center in downtown Little Rock.  The move helps BDG and Little Rock compete with other innovation centers in larger cities.

“Broadband Internet access is the paved street of the 21st century,” said Broadband chief executive officer Lou McCalister. “With HyperLeap, we are shaking up the market, offering a connection that is simply faster, cheaper and better than the competition.”

HyperLeap will offer up to 1,000 Mbps upload and download speeds, well beyond the 100-150 Mbps other business internet connection services offer.

“Having high-tech companies like Broadband Development Group build their businesses in Little Rock is a trend I’m glad to see gaining momentum and is one we all will work together to encourage,” said Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola. “The development of the HyperLeap technology firmly plants Little Rock among its larger peers as a leader for Internet connectivity and a center for technology innovation and development. This is an exciting day for all of Central Arkansas.”

HyperLeap has five locations in downtown Little Rock and are looking to expand throughout the country. Venture Center guests will enjoy free broadband, while center members and Tech Park tenants will receive full access to a dedicated internet connection up to 500 Mbps.

“We’re thrilled to have one of our very own startups provide this best-in-class Internet service to the Venture Center,” Lee Watson, CEO of the Venture Center said from the downtown location. “Startup founders wear a lot of hats – especially in the early stages of development. Being able to offer such fast Internet connectivity to our members, guests and the startup companies building and growing in our space is a feature that gives them an advantage over their competitors and helps them be more efficient and effective.”

HyperLeap is a Little Rock-based startup company led by tech and telecom investors James Hendren, Lou McAlister and Tom Flak.