1 Million Cups Preview: Patrick Anderson Of Paxor Medical

by Todd Jones ([email protected]) 87 views 

Patrick Anderson of Paxor Medical will present at 1 Million Cups Little Rock this week. Anderson is a member of the Fall 2015 Pre Accelerator class. Paxor Medical is a medical device start-up which is set to provide innovation solutions for catheter-associated urinary tract infections.

Venture Center President, Lee Watson commented:

“We have seen great results from our first two pre-accelerator classes. Venture Center member companies have created over 50 new jobs in Little Rock in the last 10 months. The third cycle of the pre-accelerator course kicked off in mid-September with 19 teams. As the pipeline grows, the quality of ideas and companies growing in Central Arkansas continues to develop.”

Talk Business & Politics’ Startup/Tech reporter Todd Jones caught up with Anderson to get some more information on his time in Little Rock.

TB&P: What brought you to Little Rock to the Pre-Accelerator class?

Anderson: That one is pretty straight-forward. I am from Little Rock, I attended the University of Arkansas for my undergraduate education before moving to Atlanta for graduate school at the Georgia Institute of Technology. As the cornerstone of the program, we developed a novel medical device and we knew we were on to something special, but at the time my team and I didn’t have many aspirations to take it forward. We wanted to focus on applying for jobs and getting our feet in the doors of the medical device industry.

At the end of the program and with no job secured, I moved back home to Little Rock. As time went by and with not much movement on the job front, I began to seriously consider taking our project further and taking a chance on myself. I knew that I needed support, however. To the surprise of the staff of the Pre-Accelerator who asked the same question, I merely said, “I just Googled ‘Arkansas venture centers,’ and found The Arkansas Venture Center, simple as that. I reached out to them, and in just 3 weeks, here I am and making progress on Paxor Medical.

TB&P: What are your goals after the Pre-Accelerator?

Anderson: I will be better able to comment on our company’s goals as we approach the end of the program; however, projecting where we will be, I would anticipate pitching to investors, raising capital, finalizing the design, and diving into the regulatory affairs and clinical trials and testing.

TB&P: What do you plan to communicate during the presentation?

Anderson: The main thing I want to communicate is that with the right products in the right clinicians’ hands, we can potentially eliminate a large portion of catheter-associated urinary tract infections. Furthermore, I want to continue the effort to grow medical device interest in central Arkansas, continue the dialogue for Arkansas-based medical innovation.

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