Walk, Run or Dye 5K Color Run

by The City Wire staff ([email protected]) 139 views 

It’s time again for the Walk, Run or Dye 5K Color Run in Poteau, Oklahoma! We want to make sure you get in early enough to be guaranteed a t-shirt so make sure you make the deadline of September 2!  Don’t forget you can register online by visiting the following link: http://events.constantcontact.com/register/event?llr=f98gszjab&oeidk=a07eatz94ptd4f9b5c9.  A printable form is attached

The Walk, Run or Dye 5K for Poteau Chamber is a fun walk/run and will not be a timed event.  All ages are invited, just please remember that this is a color run, participants will be exposed to colored corn starch in a wet or dry form at various times during the event and this may affect allergies, breathing and/or cause other health problems.  We will also not be responsible for any damage done to  strollers, clothing, phones or other electronic devices due to exposure from the color.   MS Event Group will be set up at the event to help get the party started.  Come early to join in on any pre-event activities going on and join us after the event to continue the party.