Unroll.me Helps Declutter Your Inbox

by Todd Jones ([email protected]) 74 views 

As a businessman, businesswoman, or entrepreneur, we usually sign up for email newsletters to get an ebook or some other kind of free product in exchange for valuable content. The problem is we find lots of things we would like and sign up for too many emails.

In addition, there is spam. No, not the kind that comes in a can, but the kind that makes email so frustrating. In fact, there are over 260 billion pieces of spam every day.

How do we recover our email inbox?

As I was getting ready to go on vacation, I was worried that I would have hundreds of emails when I returned. I decided to sign up with Unroll.me, an inbox app for email. The application is only available with Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook.com emails, iCloud, AOL Mail and Google Apps. I decided to use the Unroll.me app on my Gmail account and I noticed a difference immediately.

“We identify your subscription emails and neatly list them for you. Unroll.em”

The Unroll.me app authenticated my account using OAuth Gmail and began sorting through my various subscriptions. It gave me the opportunity to unsubscribe from the email newsletters I wanted to while rolling my others into a daily email.

I get my daily email in one email and I can then look through it at a glance, kind of like looking at the front page of a news website, and I can choose to read the email or not. Further, Unroll.me adds a folder in my Gmail that accumulates all of these subscriptions.

The subscriptions placed into this daily email are called a Rollup. It even allows you to categorize the subscriptions.

The company was launched in November of 2011 by Josh Rosenwald, Steven Greenberg, Jojo Hedaya and Perri Blake Gorman. Gorman shares her part of the story on Medium. Today, Rosewald and Hedaya are still a part of the company.

As of a year ago, the service reached 1 million users and it has definitely picked up steam.

Thus far, the product seems to be supported with a few well-placed, subtle ads. The company has had investors and was recently acquired. The coming years should be interesting for this company.

Do you have an app you use to help with productivity? Let me know.

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