Luke Irvin Brings New Project To 1 Million Cups

by Todd Jones ([email protected]) 199 views 

Entrepreneur Luke Irvin has a new startup called South Ventures, a mobile development and content creation studio.

Irvin will be speaking about his new venture at this week’s 1 Million Cups.

1 Million Cups is the weekly programming event held each week at 9 a.m. at the Arkansas Venture Center, located at 107 E. Markham in downtown Little Rock catty-corner from the Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Participants hear from entrepreneurs and have the opportunity to network and engage with like-minded business people. It’s easy to participate: just show up, drink coffee, ask questions and talk business for an hour.

Talk Business & Politics Startup/Tech reporter Todd Jones caught up with Irvin recently to get a few answers to questions prior to his presentation.

TB&P: How did South Ventures get its start?

Luke Irvin: South is something I started the end of 2014, but it really ramped up at the beginning of this year. What I’m doing is nothing new. It’s been done plenty of times before. My frustration kept building through all the new products and services launching on the coasts that I know will most likely never make it here for us to use.

TB&P: What is the next goal or goals for South?

Irvin: The next goal is to scale our first few products. Our concept is to build out 3-4 ideas per year or as other ideas don’t seem to take off. We’ll have our first two apps available when we present at 1 Million Cups and our third app will come out this fall. We’ll also be putting in a lot of time on our first two podcasts and building an audience for those.

TB&P: What do you hope to inspire in other entrepreneurs at your 1 Million Cups presentation?

Irvin: Don’t wait. Don’t wait for “the right moment”. Don’t wait for “x product to launch to see how it does”. Just execute. There are no new ideas. There’s only executing on your idea. You won’t know if it works unless you build it for people to use.

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