Todd Jones: A Round-up Of Arkansas Startup Events

by Todd Jones ([email protected]) 189 views 

Arkansas is bustling with activity in spite of the summer months. In fact, startup activity is as hot as the searing summer sun in downtown Little Rock.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a few of the events that are happening in our most recent roundup.

This past weekend, the Winthrop Rockefeller Institute hosted the first annual Social Entrepreneur Bootcamp. The event was an opportunity for social good based organizations to test their skill sets and learn more about about being an entrepreneur for the purpose of doing good.

While the event was for participants of the bootcamp, Friday night was highlighted by a keynote address by Propak Logistics, Rockfish Digital and Noble Impact leader Steve Clark. The address was open to the public and was hosted by Talk Business & Politics’ Roby Brock.

Among those present at the bootcamp were Phyl and Jeff Amerine of Fayteville and members of the executive team at Startup Junkie. This week, Startup Junkie is hosting MentorCamp. MentorCamp is a chance to connect entrepreneurs with talented mentors who are able to help them take their idea to the next level.

MentorCamp is a multi-day event held in various cities across the region and around the globe.

This week, there are three events of note to local entrepreneurs including TEDxMarkhamSt, MAKE it Fly at the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub, and Pitch ‘N Pint at the Arkansas Venture Center.

And just a few weeks ago, Hayseed Ventures, a venture company started by John James of Acumen Brands’ fame, held an open house to officially launch the company. Hayseed is referring to itself as “a startup that creates startups.”

Finally, the 100 Girls of Code is returning to North Little Rock. The event is scheduled for August 8th from 8-12 a.m. and there are 45 slots available. The last 100 Girls of Code was very successful as Abby Sims taught the girls various coding principles. Those interested can learn more at the Hub’s website.