Honeybee & Pollinator Festival

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Second Annual Two Day, Honeybee and Pollinator Festival    Spetembers,  5Th Saturday, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm and 6Th Sunday, Noon to 5:00 pm. Festival is Free and open to the public.
    You may know, September is officially National Honey Month and Honeybees are the official insect of Arkansas, as of September 2014’ The Beehive at The Learning Fields at Chaffee Crossing is the official Honeybees of Fort Smith, Arkansas. Because Honeybees, native bees and all pollinators are in peril and near demise. Colony collapse, white nose syndrome, improper pesticide use, loses of habitat, and numerous other conditions contribute to pollinator death across the country and around the world.             In April, 2009. The Learning Fields at Chaffee Crossing, was formed to offer horticultural education, services and resources to the residents and visitors of Fort Smith communities and surrounding areas.  In 2014, The Learning Fields at Chaffee Crossing, launched The Honeybee and Pollinator program designed to create habitat, sanctuary and conservation of pollinators.                                   Many of these adverse conditions can be reversed or their effects on our pollinators lessoned and in some cases eliminated. At The Learning Fields at Chaffee Crossing Master Gardeners offer classes, lectures and hands on training in every aspect of horticulture, from seed to harvest and the pollination process too. You are invited to enjoy the 2ND annual Honeybee and Pollinator Festival at The Learning Fields at Chaffee Crossing, where you can see and learn about the Beehive of Fort Smith, Arkansas, this year’s harvest of honey and its’ products. And the test and demonstration gardens the Honeybees pollenate.
    The 2015’ H&P Festival, offer lectures, classes                and presentations about the plant world and ecology system by authorities, scientist and professors of Botany, Entomology and Environment.                            
    At the H&P Festival, enjoy these attractions, The Great Pumpkin Weigh-in, The Master Gardeners Fall Plant Sale, Garden Exhibits, Children’s Garden activities, The Hyper (hourly) Honey Raffle, Free Gifts, Free Food and Snacks, Games and prizes. Two big family Fun days.
 By: Leslye Buol