Four Questions With Magic Springs’ And Crystal Falls’ Steve Honeycutt

by Kerri Jackson Case ([email protected]) 458 views 

Talk Business & Politics contributor Kerri Jackson Case recently asked Steve Honeycutt, General Manager of Magic Springs and Crystal Falls Water and Theme Park, a few questions about the Hot Springs-based tourism destination’s summer plans.

TB&P: Magic Springs has become a concert destination in recent years. What performances can guests look forward to the rest of the summer?

Steve Honeycutt: In 2011, we intentionally increased the level of talent that we have at our amphitheater and have continued to do so. We have one of the best entertainment offerings around with a Season Pass that includes more than a dozen shows each season. We will have some great rock acts coming up this summer such as 3 Doors Down, Bret Michaels and Loverboy with Lita Ford. We are also happy to give our guests spectacular fireworks displays every Friday in July.

TB&P: For someone who hasn’t been to Magic Springs since they were a kid, what’s there to bring their own kids now? How has the park changed in recent years?

Honeycutt: The park has been expanded and we have added several special events that guests now look forward to each year. Our character series is very popular. On those days, we bring in some of the most iconic family cartoon and movie characters such as SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora the Explorer, Thor, Hello Kitty and others for a special lunch and meet-n-greets. The water park is the most popular location for guests this time of year, so two years ago, we expanded it by adding Splash Island, a huge family water playground. This season, we have added more children’s water attractions to the water park at Crystal Lagoon as well as upgraded the area with giant umbrellas, new cabanas, and stadium lighting. That is the prime viewing area for the fireworks each Friday in July.

TB&P: Promotions like Cooler Sundays seem to indicate your desire to offer more affordable ways to enjoy the park. Are you sensitive to the bargain traveler?

Honeycutt: We believe that Magic Springs offers incredible value for all that you can experience for just one price. It really is one location with multiple destinations and something for all generations of your family to enjoy. We get a lot of visitation from the Memphis area and those travelers are great at taking advantage of our discounted group pricing. We also offer half-priced tickets after 4 p.m., so that those who want to enjoy a few hours in the park can do so very economically.

TB&P: What’s your favorite ride?

Honeycutt: Our suspended looping coaster, The Gauntlet, is definitely my favorite!

Learn more about Magic Springs and Crystal Falls at this link.