USA Truck CEO Being Treated for Lung Cancer

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John Simone, CEO of USA Truck Inc. of Van Buren, said Thursday he is being treated for lung cancer. Simone announced April 6 he was taking an indefinite medical leave but didn’t say why. The company issued a news release Thursday to provide an update.

“Several weeks into the treatments, I am feeling much better,” Simone said. “My strength is returning, my speech is improving, and I am looking forward to returning to active involvement in the business. My doctors have not finalized their recommendations on my ability to travel or return to USA Truck in a full time capacity. I intend to return as soon as medically advisable, and I am hoping that will be sometime this summer.”

Simone, a non-smoker, said he has been undergoing chemotherapy, and radiation treatments are planned in the future. The treatments are expected to continue for several more weeks.

“It is too early to have complete visibility on timeframe for completing treatments or a definitive prognosis, but my doctors and I are optimistic,” he said.

Simone said in March he suffered cerebral vascular accidents, or strokes, which primarily affected his speech. While looking for the cause of the strokes, doctors discovered the lung cancer.

Simone was appointed CEO in February 2013. The company named Thomas Glaser, a member of the its board of directors, as interim COO during Simone’s medical leave.