Talk Business & Politics Podcast 3.1.15

by Talk Business & Politics staff ([email protected]) 37 views 

On this week’s edition of Talk Business & Politics, tune in for the following:

Criminal justice reform continues to stir debate at the state capitol. How systemic are prison problems? Beyond the Governor’s plan, what’s being done to get a grasp on the situation? Is a solution in sight? Sens. David Sanders and Jeremy Hutchinson plus Rep. John Vines join our roundtable conversation.

Gaming or gambling? What’s the difference? TB&P contributor Rex Nelson discusses his new in-depth feature story on how Oaklawn re-invented itself into one of the nation’s premiere horse racing tracks. It took more than just a roll of the dice.

What bills have been top of the radar? Our second roundtable of guests, including KATV’s Elicia Dover, Lobby Up’s Bradley Phillips, and TB&P’s Jessica DeLoach Sabin, discuss.

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Duration: 23:52