LadyD’s Musical Birthday to Benefit the Children’s Emergency Shelter in Fort Smith

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LadyD’s Musical Birthday to Benefit the Children’s Emergency Shelter in Fort Smith, Arkansas
Fort Smith, Arkansas, July 2, 2014 – LadyD also known as Denise Messamore will be celebrating a Musical Birthday at Beef O’Brady’s located at 12200 U.S. 71, Fort Smith, AR 72916 on August 2, 2014 from 7PM until 10PM to benefit the Fort Smith Children’s Emergency Shelter.
LadyD has teamed up with some talented musicians that she calls her “Hired Guns” to help bring an evening of music and entertainment along with exposure for the shelter’s immediate needs.
All musical donations, tips, and sales of CD’s and/or items will go to help the kids at the shelter. Beef O’Brady’s is also donating 20% of all patio & event related inside sales to the shelter.  
“Children should not suffer.”
This is the attitude of Fort Smith’s local musician and fundraising expert Denise Messamore. Denise had already planned her Musical Birthday at the Beef O Brady’s restaurant to benefit the Children’s Emergency Shelter when the news of delayed government funding hit the social media airways. “I never imagined what started as a simple way to give back, would turn into such an immediate need” states Denise.
Fort Smith’s Local 5News reported on June 25th, 2014 that a letter from Cecile Blucker, director of the Arkansas Department of Human Services’ Division of Children and Family Services, was issued, and the letter stated that, “The Foster Care/Adoption Subsidy Board Cycle process is changing in order to eliminate paying for placement in advance and decreasing the volume of overpayments and recoupments that occur as a result of the current process.”
Denise and her “Hired Guns”, some of the River Valley’s finest musicians, soon realized that the delayed payments created a gap in the shelter’s regular funding. “I can’t imagine my boss coming to me and saying, ‘Oh, by the way, you aren’t getting your pay check until the middle of next month.” Denise adds, “It is a common fact that over 40% of American’s would be in crisis without a month’s paycheck.”
LadyD’s Musical Birthday plans to help educate the community on how children are often referred to The Fort Smith Children’s Emergency Shelter. Their situations differ but are often due to physical, sexual or mental abuse, parental neglect, and/or incarceration of parents. Most of the children that the shelter watches over have been removed from their environment without any notice and without their belongings. The Fort Smith Children’s Emergency Shelter’s location allows the children who reside at the shelter to stay in their community, attend their schools, and visit with their families. Upon entering the shelter, the immediate needs of the children are met (i.e., shelter, food, clothing, and medical attention).
“Music at the event will be perfect for families of all ages,” Denise said. “If you like the sounds of Elvis, Roy Orbison, Bob Segar, Stray Cats, and Randy Travis just to name a few, then you will love what you hear at Beef O’ Brady’s on August 2, 2014.” LadyD herself even has a couple original songs she plans on releasing for the first time that night.
LadyD’s Musical Birthday will take donations through campaigns located at starting July 3rd all the way through August 3rd,, 2014. If you would like to show your support for Denise’s Music Event and make a difference for the children who call the Fort Smith Children’s Emergency Shelter home, please contact Denise Messamore at [email protected] for more information.