Cook: New DGA Ad Paints Asa Hutchinson As Out of Touch

by Michael Cook ([email protected]) 134 views 

The Democratic Governor’s Association today released a new television ad highlighting how they believe Asa Hutchinson is out of touch with Arkansas.

The ad, entitled “Potential,” is paid for by Jobs and Opportunity, an organization affiliated with the DGA.

The DGA’s ad argues Hutchinson has lost touch with Arkansas’s working families, whether it be through voting to cut college aid, being a registered voter in Virginia or being a high-priced DC lobbyist.

The theme that Asa Hutchinson is “out of touch” is one we’ll hear often from either Mike Ross’s campaign or his allies.

In Ross’s first official General Election television ad that premiered right after the polls closed on Primary Election night, his campaign took Hutchinson to task for voting to send jobs overseas to China and for being a D.C. lobbyist.

Ross’s campaign will likely hammer on the points that either as a Congressman or D.C. lobbyist, Hutchinson has always put big business and Wall Street ahead of working families. It’s a simple message and theme that’s easy to explain.