Verizon Wireless To Add 300 Jobs In Arkansas

by Roby Brock ([email protected]) 184 views 

Verizon Wireless says it will add around 300 jobs in Arkansas as part of an expansion of its sales, tech support and customer service operations in the state.

The full-time jobs will be in the telecom giant’s customer service, call center, tech support, and sales areas.

Salaries will be “competitive,” the company said, and do include full-time benefits and incentives. Verizon officials said they could not disclose salary ranges or the total number of current company employees in Arkansas due to competitive purposes.

College degrees are not necessary for many of the positions as part of the expansion, but Verizon said part of the benefits for workers would include up to $8,000 a year in tuition assistance.

“Verizon will be adding 300 jobs between now and the end of the year,” said Jonathan Blitz, Verizon Wireless Director of Business Sales. “We’re looking for very motivated tech-savvy individuals interested in advancing their careers.”

Gov. Mike Beebe, who was on hand for the jobs announcement, complimented Verizon Wireless for its recent efforts in helping communities ravaged during the tornado that ripped through Central Arkansas last week.

He also said that he feels positive about the job growth and stability Verizon has provided in the wake of its $28 billion buyout of Alltel Wireless in 2009. While high-paying job losses occurred with the acquisition, Verizon Wireless established a regional headquarters in Little Rock on the old Alltel campus.

“There was so much trepidation that so many good-paying jobs would disappear when Verizon bought Alltel,” Beebe said. “We’ve been very pleasantly surprised with how things have gone. Good jobs remain.”

Job additions in the telecom industry have been abundant in recent months. Recently, AT&T announced it hired 450 in Arkansas in the last year. Currently, AT&T says it has openings for nearly 80 jobs, 50 of which are new jobs.