Sen. Boozman Still Hospitalized, Expected To Return To Full Duties

by Roby Brock ([email protected]) 19 views 

After emergency surgery to repair an acute aortic dissection, U.S. Sen. John Boozman (R ) is recovering at a Rogers hospital.

Boozman, 63, was admitted to Mercy Hospital in Rogers on Tuesday after complaining of pain in his chest and arm.

His staff disclosed that he has been moved from an intensive care unit (ICU) to a private recovery room and the he continues to regain strength.

“Boozman has been conversational with family for long stretches of the day and walking frequently with the aid of medical staff,” an office press statement said on Friday.

“The Senator is mobile and conversational to the extent that he can be given the discomfort this procedure creates. He’s spent a great deal of time talking with his family and even spoke briefly with his Chief of Staff. We are told these are all excellent signs that his recovery is on the right track,” spokesman Patrick Creamer said.

“Senator Boozman is doing amazingly well after surgery to replace his ascending aorta. One reason he is doing so well is because of his great physical condition. At this time, we expect the Senator to have a full recovery. He should be able to return to his full duties without any restrictions in the future,” said Dr. E.J. Chauvin, the Mercy Cardiac & Thoracic surgeon, who performed the surgery.

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