Cook: New Misleading Koch Brothers Ad Falsely Targets Mark Pryor

by Michael Cook ([email protected]) 187 views 

Another day, another misleading television ad from the billionaire Koch Brothers, a.k.a. Americans for Prosperity.

The latest Koch Brothers television ad features Jerry Buckley, a truck driver from Marion, Arkansas who is “confused” about the status of his health care policy. The ad’s only purpose is to serve as a vehicle to attack Senator Mark Pryor.

But for all of his “confusion,” Buckley knows enough to quote exactly what the Arkansas state insurance commissioner had to say about about all Arkansas health polices under Obamacare – specifically no Arkansas health care policies that are non-compliant with ACA will be canceled until 2017.

Buckley doesn’t sound all that confused if he knows that important fact.

Jerry is married to Wanda, who just happens to be in yet another misleading Koch Brothers ad that went after Mark Pryor.

Buckley says there was “there’s just a silence” from Mark Pryor about Obamacare’s implementation.  Here’s the kicker: a news story from last November reported that Buckley had a conversation about the Affordable Health Care Act with Mark Pryor’s office.

For Buckley to say he heard “just silence” from Pryor is clearly not true. Or maybe he’s confused about whether or not he had an actual conversation with Pryor’s office?

This new Koch Brothers ad got a write-up in today’s Huffington Post for it’s misleading nature:

As [Jerry] Buckley notes, the Arkansas state insurance commissioner has announced that old plans like his that are not Obamacare-compliant can continue to be offered until 2017. So while Buckley says he hasn’t received any letters from his insurer since one in October 2013 warned that his plan would be canceled, he might clear up his own confusion with a call to the company.

The Huffington Post wrote about the extension after Jerry’s wife, Wanda Buckley, did a similar ad for AFP that was found to be misleading. In fact, while it is likely true that many people are still confused about the Affordable Care Act, Jerry Buckley has been engaged in trying to sort it out at least since October, when he took the trouble to post about his insurance woes on the campaign website of Rep. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), who is running against Sen. Mark Pryor (D-Ark.) this year.

Just about every time the Koch Brothers put up a new television ad here in Arkansas it’s chock-full of half-truths and false information.